Hair Threading Course

You'll gain a deep understanding of the science behind these techniques, enabling you to achieve flawless results. Additionally, you'll acquire invaluable insights into troubleshooting and handling any challenges that may arise during the procedures.

**What's Included:**

**1. Comprehensive Online Modules:** Dive into a well-structured series of modules that comprehensively cover all aspects of facial threading and brow design. Learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever necessary to ensure mastery.

**2. Step-by-Step Video Tutorials:** Visualize the entire process through detailed video tutorials. Witness the techniques in action and follow along closely to enhance your comprehension and proficiency in both facial threading and brow design with measuring tools.

**3. Downloadable Course Materials:** Access a wealth of downloadable resources, including guides, checklists, and client consultation forms. These resources will enhance your practice and provide a seamless, professional experience for your clients.

**4. Post-Treatment Care Guidelines:** Gain expertise in educating your clients on post-treatment care practices to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. Provide them with essential instructions and tips for maintaining their beautifully threaded and precisely designed brows.

**5. Certificate of Completion:** Upon successfully completing the course and passing the assessment, you'll receive a certificate of completion. This prestigious document attests to your mastery of facial threading and brow design, establishing you as a specialist in these techniques.

**6. Ongoing Support:** Enjoy access to our dedicated support team, available to assist with any questions or clarifications you may need throughout your learning journey. Your success as a certified facial threading and brow design specialist is our top priority, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Enroll today and unlock the world of facial threading and brow design expertise. Elevate your skills, expand your service offerings, and embark on a fulfilling journey within the beauty industry. Become the artist who transforms facial features and brows into exquisite works of art.



Joha Perez


Highly experienced and successful permanent makeup artist and trainer, utilizes multiple lower-priced services (including threading) to attract clients, build relationships, and convert them into micropigmentation customers.